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What time of the day is best to apply REGAINE® for Women Foam?

We recommend using REGAINE® for Women Foam as part of your evening routine. Give it a few minutes to dry after applying on hair and let the work over night. The next morning you can style your hair as normal.

Are there special shampoos or conditioners that I should use if I am losing my hair?

When using REGAINE® for Women Foam It is recommended to use a shampoo with a gentle cleansing and conditioning action.

Can I still use my regular styling aids, like hair spray or gel, when I’m using REGAINE® for Women Foam?

You can follow your normal hair care routine when using REGAINE® for Women. Just be sure to apply REGAINE® for Women Foam first and wait for it to dry before using a blow dryer or applying your styling products.

Can I apply REGAINE® for Women Foam to wet hair?

It is recommended that you at least towel dry your hair before applying REGAINE® for Women Foam, so that the skin on your scalp is dry.

Can I blow-dry my hair after applying REGAINE® for Women Foam?

Yes. As soon as the foam is dry, you can blow-dry your hair; however, we recommend using your dryer at a lower setting.

Can I get my hair wet after applying REGAINE® for Women Foam?

For REGAINE® for Women Foam to work best, you should allow it to dry completely first.

What is ROGAINE Foam?

ROGAINE is sold in the U.S.A and is simply another trade name for REGAINE® They are the same product and both are manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Limited. If this does not answer your question and you still wish to contact us, please click here.