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We’ve put together a team of independent hair loss specialists who can offer advice on the subject. Check out their bios and click on any of the videos to hear what they have to say. And just so you know, these experts were paid a gratuity and the healthcare professionals do not endorse REGAINE® or any medical brand.


Dr Paul Farrant qualified from Guys and St Thomas's Medical School in 1999. After completing his membership to the Royal College of Physicians, he began his dermatology training at the world famous St John's Institute of Dermatology. He gained his certificate of specialist training in February 2008 and now holds a full time post at the Princess Royal Hospital and Brighton General Hospital.

The Impact of Hair Loss

Dermatologist Paul Farrant explains hair loss has a major impact on an individual. Hair is part of who we are. When someone loses their hair this changes their image; which could have a detrimental effect in that person's health. Dr Farrant highlights hair loss is a normal thing - other people are dealing with it - if you remember this, it can help you deal with it too.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

Dermatologist Paul Farrant explains male pattern balding. He explains some doctors say that there is nothing you can do about hair loss and that it doesn't harm your health, which is difficult for patients to hear and not necessarily true.


Dermatologist Dr. Paul Farrant highlights Minoxidil is one of the hair regrowth treatments he discusses with his patients. He highlights Minoxidil is a very effective treatment which works for the majority of people that use it, reminding that it must be applied continuously.


Pharmacist Nicola Matlock explains the first hurdle for many people with hair loss is visiting a pharmacy. She highlights pharmacists offer advice on many different conditions and treatments and are absolutely used to worse or more embarrassing conditions.

Nicola Matlock is an award-winning pharmacist who has gained widespread media coverage for her forward thinking practice. She is at the forefront of promoting pharmacy as a respected healthcare profession and sees the provision of advice as her primary role.


Trichologist Marilyn Sherlock explains the causes of hair loss. The most common cause is hereditary hair loss - particularly male pattern baldness

Marilyn Sherlock has been a qualified trichologist for over thirty years and is one of the most experienced and respected in the country. Marilyn is the current Chairman of the Institute of Trichologists, the foremost professional association for Trichologists all over the world.


Hairdresser Mark Wolley explains your hair says everything about you, it’s your signature, your identity. Cut and style are important in terms of hair, but so is confidence. Some people are more comfortable with hair loss than others - but losing your hair can affect your confidence.

Mark Woolley is an award winning hairdresser who is fast becoming a rising star within the hairdressing and media world. He is the owner of three successful hair & beauty salons and his work regularly appears on the covers of magazines. He is also the man behind two hair projects – Curator UK, a hair collection website, and Creative Wasp Studios, a hair focused photographic studio.


Journalist Jonathan Thompson speaks about the social stigma that exists around hair loss. Hair loss is an issue which is high on men's agenda, something they are very worried about. The main problem in his opinion is internalisation, as people seem to struggle to talk about it, which fuels the idea about hair loss being a bad thing.

Jonathan Thompson is a men's lifestyle writer and editor specialising in health, grooming and fitness. He spent eight years at The Independent on Sunday, where he was given his first column at the age of 21, before spending a number of years as a staff news reporter. Jonathan then spent six months as a freelancer working for publications ranging from Men's Health magazine to the Mail on Sunday, London Lite to the Glasgow Herald. In October 2007, he joined the staff of Men's Health full-time, as Commissioning Editor and Senior Writer.