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Why does hair loss happen?

FACT : Hair loss is very common. As many as 8 million men experience hair loss in the UK

FACT : 40% of men experience hair loss by the age of 35

FACT : Most of the time, hair loss is hereditary and it can come from either side of your family

FACT : Stress can cause hair production to shut down temporarily. But stress in itself doesn’t cause male pattern baldness

Is there anything I can do about it?

FACT : REGAINE® is scientifically proven to help stop and even reverse hair loss

FACT : REGAINE® uses Minoxidil, the only clinically proven ingredient available over the counter

FACT : Minoxidil works by increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to your hair follicles, helping stimulate growth

FACT : When used twice daily, you can expect results from just 16 weeks

What next?

FACT : The earlier you start using REGAINE®, the higher your chances will be of seeing results

FACT : You can get REGAINE® from all major retailers. Visit our Where to Buy page to find out more

FACT : REGAINE® should be used twice a day, every day. To view a full demo, click here

FACT : In addition to the crown of your head, REGAINE® can also be used on a receding hair line